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How Internet of Things is Influencing Our Day-To-Day Lives?

Internet of Things facilitating Home Automation

Our planet is turning into an electronically controlled ball of energy. A lot has been spoken and discussed about the Internet of Things (IoT) in today’s technology-oriented world. A couple of years ago, the Internet of Things was as anonymous as the iPhone but is now all around.

The Internet of Things is still in a nascent stage as a phenomenon. Despite this, the rate of expansion, adaptability, ingenuity and, the scope is startling. The companies are developing more and more ways for us to connect. Within the next few years, the sensors will likely to have permeated every aspect of our lives, from our shoes to refrigerators. The world’s IT infrastructure will be supporting a trillion devices, big or small.  It is believed to be the technology of the future and is said to have an impact on almost all aspects of our lives.

However, if all goes well it will be a way of being in the world. With a bright future in mind, let’s look at some of the aspects of your daily life that the Internet of Things may influence -Internet of Things Enabled

  • Internet of Things Enabled Home Automation –

    IoT based home automation is evolving and offers several advantages. Imagine setting the lighting without even moving, remotely setting your appliances, have lights and temperatures based on weather and many more. All this is possible with Internet of Things (IoT). Home automation system, however, has experienced a decrease in the cost of making it available for people from different walks of life. Another benefit is that it saves on the utility bills. Hence, even though the equipment is expensive, it prevents wastage of electricity and brings down the bill.

  • Waste Management –

    Internet of Things will have a drastic effect on the waste management. With a seamless integration of light, heat and air conditioning which reacts to you, a lot of those bucks can be saved on the bills building an energy efficient house.

  • Monitoring –

    Through smartphones, the parents can monitor the baby’s breathing, temperature, and activity. It also enables pet monitoring systems allowing you to monitor the activity and behavior from afar.

  • Personal Health –

    For personal health, the possibilities are much more extensive. The 3D-printed wristbands for reading the important signs are already in development. With a huge list of wearables, we can track more: sleeping patterns, nutritional balance, and check-up schedules.

But how risky is Internet of Things?

There is complete skepticism around the security issues that the conversion of day-to-day devices into a part of IoT poses. The challenges we face in this area are still great. The security and privacy threats are unimaginable with such a large extent of automation. The concerns about the privacy and safety will grow with the IoT trying to invade our privacy. Another challenge is to support a billion connected devices through a stable network. You may never know what could be spying on you. Next time you sit in front of the television, imagine it to be watching you instead of the other way around.


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