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How ‘Talking Homes’ Has Made Home Security Easier Through Automation?

Home Security Easier Through Automation

As home automation systems have completely evolved and become rampant, the apps used to control these systems continue to add new features. Controlling your smart appliances is easier than ever. Domautics, a leading provider of the best home automation system provides a smart home app called Talking Homes letting you control all the smart appliances through a single app.

The apps offer several benefits such as improved smartphone apps, instant access, fast programming, advanced reporting, etc. Here are a few more –

  • Control System From a Single Screen – Smart apps connect all the home automation system on one dashboard – your lights, thermostat, security alarm, access control system. You have one dashboard and a complete view of the status of your home.
  • Custom Alerts – Home automation has significantly improved with the alerting and notification features of smart apps. You receive instant notifications when the alarm goes off or when a door has been opened or movement is detected on your camera systems. However, these notifications can all be customized so that you set special parameters. Ideally, you are connected to the home’s security system 24*7.
  • Ease of Use – Home automation apps have been streamlined for the ease of use. You can perform all the advanced functions from one-touch button controls, setting on/off functionality and generating reports. You do not have to be tech savvy to use this app. It offers a complete user-friendly experience.
  • Personalise your settings – You can completely customize your home’s security system. Want to create perimeters for when you go to bed that is all lights off, thermostat at a specific temperature, all doors locked and alarm activated? You can do that easily.
  • Remote Connectivity – With the smart home automation app, you can access your alarm and locking system remotely, turning off and on the advanced features. This allows you to connect with the automated appliances too. Forgot to turn off a light? Want to switch your AC on? Want to increase the thermostat temperature? No problem. You can do that right away from the smart home app.
  • Access Real-time video: Want to see the status of your home? You can access real-time video right through the app and see first hand what caused an alarm to set off a motion sensor light.

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