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All you Need to Know about IoT Based Home Automation!

IOT based Home Automation

The entire world is advancing with new technologies and IoT is the new trend. People who are aware of it are looking forward to home automation using IoT. But before we jump on IoT based home automation, let us understand what it is.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is the modern world network of devices such as home appliances, vehicles and other physical devices. These are interconnected over the network provided they have the needed software, sensors and network connectivity. All the devices are identified over the network and exchange data.

Home Automation using IoT

The idea of IoT based Home Automation may seem imaginary but not any more. It is now possible to have an automated house using this technology. The three components of an IoT automated house are hardware, software and communication protocol. They are necessary as each of these are crucial in building a smart home. Another important thing is to select the right communication protocol and firmware. A well designed and tested one can help avoid performance issues.

What are the applications of home automation?

IoT based Home Automation can revive the way people use the technology. There are a number of possibilities when we speak about the applications of home automation.

  1. Smart locks and switches
  2. Enhanced safety and security.
  3. Appliances such as ACs and lights.
  4. Water and air quality control and monitoring.
  5. Smart home appliances

These are just a few but not all applications which can be used for home automation using IoT.

Benefits of IoT based Home Automation

  1. Home Security – You can control the security of your house with your phone. If there is any suspicious activity, you will receive notifications and may probably operate the lights and locks through the phone.
  2. Energy efficient house and savings – You can increase the energy efficiency by controlling the appliances through IoT. If you are unsure whether you have left the lights on, you can check and control it.
  3. Convenience – This is the biggest advantage of smart home automation. You can control all the devices connected and makes it very convenient to have all the devices adjusted through the phone.

Advantages of IoT for Business –

IoT is not just for home automation but can be used for your advantage at work. The benefits are –

  1. Security and Monitoring
  2. Convenience in managing business
  3. Manages the user identity easily
  4. Easy management of larger data

With so many advantages, intelligent home is what everyone is looking forward to. So, let’s move into a newer era of technology that is lot more promising and brings to you the luxury you really deserve.

Still have questions? Talk to our experts and let them take you through the enchanting world of Automation.

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